Monday, February 28, 2005

Excuses, Excuses.

The ship is in for repairs. I may not be bloging for a time while I concentrate on fixin me house. I pledge a photo journal update when I blog again. Toodles.

Monday, February 21, 2005

New song bird makes parrot sound like a four pack a day habit.

My step grandmother Flo (aka: Crazy Lady) has been suffering the slow degrading death of dementia. She can still get out a coherent sentence or two in the mornings, but by evening she isn't capable of speech. Her caretaker Marjorie is truly an excellent: Mad props!

the point of my lollygagging is that I am in possession of her stereo, it's a McIntosh (2100amp, preamp, and tuner), with an NHT speaker system (Super Zero & Powered Sub). It sounds very good. (Understatement) I also have the privilege of holding in trust a mildly impressive collection of classical music, about 300 CD's ish, collected by her late husband Anthony. Upon Anthony's death I was given his University of Illinois class ring, I wore it for many years, until I developed a mild rash. I hope it's not an allergy to gold - that would be silly - but it might be. I really hope it's not Anthony's ghost disapproving of the way I live my life. It would suck to have a ghost hate me, my saber is useless against ghosts. Believe me I know...

Good night for now...

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Swab the lack of deck!

The tile isn't finished, the swabbies are refusing to scrub the lack of deck. I found out last night that laying tile is more difficult than the brain washed idiots at Home Despot led me to believe. I go now to continue this noble work, there is no time to swashbuckle, or drink me Grog for that matter.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Weapons of Mass Wallet Devistation

The Card got out of the safe! I was not used for its intended purpose, and instead of being protection, security and peace of mind, it has ravaged another chunk of the inheritance I will some day provide to humanity.

Cold Stone Ice Cream = $5.28
Two Domain Transfers & 1 Year Extension = $16.40
DSC-F828 Macro Lens Set = $38.45

Paying MasterCard back instantly online so I suffer no interest charges; priceless.

The Great Vehicle Itself (my car) is fixed! The right rear control arm replacement went very well after the old control arm finally came off. The suspension bolts that go through metal sleeves in the bushings are really nearly impossible to remove after 140,000 miles. It took four days of working on the car, and many trips to the hardware store for tools before they even budged. While it took less than 4 hours to prepare and reinstall the new arm. The car runs really well and I haven't gotten an alignment yet. Unfortunately something isn't quite right either the ball joint on the replacement (used) control arm is excessively worn, or the tire rim was damaged and not quite round. Cause it's making a bit of a lump, lump sound when I sail. This will be investigated next time I'm in to port.

The good news is that with the ship sea worthy I can check my e-mail, and write in my log book more often! Yea! (To date it's been seven days since last I seen land.)

Night all.

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