Monday, June 19, 2017

2017 Gentoo Maintiance

This weekend I updated the Gentoo installation on my laptop.  I've been away from Gentoo for so long that it proved to be quite an adventure.  An old blog post from six(!) years ago proved helpful in getting everything cleaned up.  But things have changed a bit since then: So here is an updated list of the commands/utilities that I use to keep my system running smoothly.

emerge -uDNav --with-bdeps y --backtrack 200 @world
        (Watch out for Python upgrades, do those first!)
        (Watch out for GCC upgrades!)
        (Watch out for Kernel upgrades)
(Repeat the last two commands until they both finish with nothing to do.  Maybe also emerge @preserved-rebuild)


(if obsolete packages are found remove or, upgrade them and run revdep-rebuild and dispatch-conf again)
If pearl was updated run: pearl-cleaner --all
(Perl upgrades can be messy, apparently..)
Check to see if GCC needs to be set to a new version before removing the old one:
gcc-config -l
gcc-config #
env-update && source /etc/profile
emerge --ask --oneshot sys-devel/libtool
emerge -av --depclean --exclude gentoo-sources  (*** be careful with this one ***
It's suggestions on what to remove are sometimes dumb.)

eclean distfiles
emaint --check world

emaint --fix world

Check to see if you need to upgrade your kernel; once that's done then you can emerge -C any old ones your not keeping.
        layman-updater -R
      layman -S

I plan to edit this again someday (6/21/2017), but this is a nice update from the last one. :-)