Thursday, July 15, 2021

Linux Sucks!

 So I tried to take a screenshot today, but I couldn't find it.  I had previously set a setting that saved my screenshots in a specific place.  It took about an hour for me to figure out where they were going.  

 (I was slightly thwarted because I was hitting Ctrl-PrintScreen - on my last laptop the print screen button required hitting Fn and I got confused.  Ctrl-PrintScreen puts the screenshot into a paste buffer.)

So after finding out where the screenshots were going I tried to set the setting again to get the screenshots to once again save in the correct place.

Things like this shouldn't happen in a modern polished Linux Distribution like Debian; but the popular belief is that there are a lot of volunteer programmers who work on Linux, so mistakes happen, because they aren't professionals.

That's not the case here, check out the webpages linked below. These are small people who have the power to help, but are too focused on maintaining their power over their little corner of the operating system.  They refuse to communicate effectively; or solve a problem that many users are having.

After doing a bit of research, there are a few ways to fix it and make it work again.  Users shouldn't be expected to go to great lengths to change a setting...  I may give this more consideration later and see if I can unravel this web of garbage; but I have to work in the morning, I need to sleep now.

Relevant pages:

So you can install custom scripts in your home directory.  You can disable the six included shortcuts and make new ones pointing to a different screenshot program, you can install a 3rd party "Gnome Shell' extension, or. apparently there is a way to do it with systemd user units???  But you get the idea...

Petty bickering has removed this feature for millions of people.
Linux Sucks!

But at least you can fix it, if Microsoft doesn't want you to take a screenshot you simply won't be able to.

Monday, July 12, 2021

Its Time: Linux is better than Windows.

 I'm struggling to set the time on windows 10.  I'm working on an industrial computer/touchscreen that is not connected to any network.  For security we never connect these machines to the internet.  I need to set the time to within a couple/three seconds.

It appears this can't be done from the GUI.  Is Microsoft using so much code from Linux that a terminal window is becomming required?

Windows is so awful, I just don't understand why anyone would want to use it.  -  It's maybe a bit easier, but it's getting harder to use, and now Microsoft spys on you, and manufacturers can lock the BIOS.....  It's NOT your computer if it has Windows on it.  Why buy a computer that's not really yours?