Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Wikipedia seems to be asking for money again.  IMHO they are the single most powerful source of information equity in the world today. 

Consider how printed newspapers have died because of competition on the internet.  Consider how book sellers are dying because of book selling on the internet.  Even printed books are struggling; mostly (Again IMHO) because the publishing industry (Like the recording industry, and the movie industry.....) can't handle such a powerful shift of format and the resulting shift in supply vs demand....  

Anyway the point is, libraries can't grow if there are no books.  Soon libraries (The ones that aren't on line anyway) might stagnate and die.

Wikipedia, and places like the Kahn academy, will be the only public repositories of knowledge that the planet will have left.  Forget the 10,000 year clock...  Lets all donate enough money to Jimmy Wales so that he can build a facility to house Wikipedia for 10,000 years.  Or just give 3$ and feel good about keeping a good thing going.

I don't feel guilt when I see the Wikipedia banner asking for money; I get excited about being asked to help.   It's our information, it's our Wikipedia; and it could be REALLY important.

.....  so if Kahn academy (and others) are for education, Wikipedia for facts, and most of the rest of the internet is for fiction; where do we put history?