Monday, January 30, 2006

Valley Life

About time I blogged. For the, like, three of you who might read this; please be prepared: the next few blog entries may be very lame.

I live in Utah now! I still have moving in things to do. It has been a month and a half now; and I am a bit dissapointed that it is taking me this long.

A large problem has been the WI DOT! We just recieved the licence plates for the Truck this week, the registration papers were sent in on October 10, and the temporary plates expired on January 7th! The title still hasn't arrived. With out the title I can't register the vehicle in Utah. According to Utah law I have to do this within 60 days, and that time is quickly running out.

From talking with some of my old co-workers (temps) they say it is very easy to get thrown into prison in Utah. I think that some form of debters prison is still in effect out here, which suprises me. Regardless, I wish I could just register the stupid vehicle and be done with it...

Living with my fiancee is a dream come true. Today we drove 60 miles to Euerka! UT, to look at a Mansion that was for sale for $130,000. What a wreck! It's a historical landmark in a tiny mining town. I didn't even bother taking a picture, it was that worthless.

I have a permanant job! I work for Modern Display in the shop. I am being trained mostly at the moment. With float season coming up I will be learning to weld! I think my fiancee's boss rented a christmas tree from my new employer, but of course I won't go trying to find out that wouldn't be nice.