Sunday, November 25, 2007

Squid Attack!

Th'ar be many stories of great giant squid attack on yonder high seas, but by the powers this be the strangest and the only one true tale ye ever hear.

I be taken shore leave, and woke to a powerful headache in a unfamiliar place. This ware normal for shore leave, but I began to worry when I saw there were no saucy wenches, or empty glasses to explain the headache. I was marooned in a right rum place Arkham, Massachusetts.

I quickly got on my feet being a pirate of old salt, it seemed I could almost turn lead into gold among these land lubbers. Yargh.., I even found a nice flute. But things in that town weren't right I tell ye. My timbers were just about shivered out after a few days.

Then I came across a terrible foe in the streets down the south side of town. It seemed to be birthed right from the stars; I tell ye it was horrible. I thought to soothe it and played my flute, I don't right know what happened but blowing on that flute seemed to twist my mind and tear at my soul. When my eyes stopped swimming my foe was gone.

Figuring it was time to weigh anchor, I made for the train station. Thats when I saw it. A great giant land squid! It's tentacles were a thrashing and knocking buildings down left and right. Without my trusty saber; I though I was going to the fiddlers green. Then the most astonishin' thing happened, a landlubber lass, and a Nun to boot, stepped in front of the squid, threw a stick of dynamite, and she put the black-spot on it I tell ye! I don't know where a nun comes by a flame thrower, but she single handedly burned every tentacle off that monster.

Thar now be a spot on me crew, and doubloons to boot, for any nun who can wield a flamethrower.

(I have never been able to play The Nun well. When Craig drew her I asked him to play her so that I could see it done right. After 4 rumors and 13 almost consecutive gate openings he proceeded to single handedly defeat Nyarlathotep! - Apparently I get what I ask for.)

Parting shot: Arkham Horror