Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Hard Drive Shortage

I just read three "news" stories saying that if your in the market for a new hard drive it might be better to buy one sooner rather than later as hard drive prices are likely going to go up in the next few months.


If the "journalists" responsible for these pieces of copycat poop reporting knew anything they would know that some hard drive prices have nearly tripled! A Hard drive I particularly like The Samsung HD204UI Went from about $90 to $160 - yesterday. Today that same drive is $210.

Luckily I have eight of them sitting on my desk; unfortunately I really wanted to buy four more. So now the big question, what lies ahead: Do I buy four more now, or do I wait as long as I can?

I remember when I was younger a memory factory burned down (way back when when Pentium was a new word). It took, what seemed like, years for memory prices to come back down. But of course by the time prices started coming down, everyone was using DIMMs and SIMMs were worthless (Or some other such technological improvement - I don't remember precisely).

With SSDs increasingly becoming popular; I think it will mean many more people trying SSDs. Once you've tried an SSD it's very hard to go back; hard drives just feel so incredibly slow afterward. So that's my prediction; buy just as few hard drive as you can, cause the world will, to one degree or another, switch to SSD storage. By the time hard drives feel cheap again, you won't want them; you'll have your SSDs.

PS: It snowed on my house today, first time this year. I hope the new tires for my snow-blower arrive soon.

PPS: Please be real E-cat.

PPPS: Graph of the increasing price of my favourite hard drive.