Sunday, November 02, 2008

Break out the buckets! Bail for your lives!

We were running full sails to the Cove-Moot when we sprung a leak. Before the boatsman could yell, "Avast!" we were already sinking to a watery grave. With the blessing of the sea gods a strong wind blew up and we were able to land on a western (digital) island of a friendly sort. There is no way however for us to salvage and repair in time for the Cove-Moot. I gave the crew double rations of Grog to help keep there spirits up. On the New(Egg) horizon this morning Visa two eyes spotted a ship approaching, when they get close enough we will pillage what we need from them.

(My hard drive started acting funny Friday night at like 10:00pm,
giving me less than 12 hours to figure out what was going on and get to the LAN party. Almost needless to say the drive was collapsing upon itself, I managed to save 99% of my stuff for which I am very thankful. But dang! I wanted to go to the LAN party, instead I spent 48 hours in my basement running diagnostics, and tearing apart old computers for spare parts. I temporarily installed Ubuntu, and actually it's pretty nice, I like the new version. I still expect to go back to a source based GNU/Linux install eventually, but not at least until I get a new hard drive.)

Friday, October 31, 2008


Definition: When a group of pirates sail into a cove, stare at glowing screens, and don't eat, say anything, engage in eye contact, or move at all really. - Except for moving a small plastic mouse in circles, drinking pizza, or eating Bawls. It's part witch craft, part monk like meditation, and partly a cleansing ritual.

Join me at Protocol42's Cove-Moot!

I will post a picture later.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Family of Swashbucklers

My sister is really a better pirate than I, honestly. I am so proud of her; I should make her a sword. She has made a poster for the Zapatistas, and it has been chosen to be produced and put up for sale as part of the celebrate peoples history poster project of Take a look at it, and if you feel so inclined buy one, they are very inexpensive at four dollars:

Evil Inside Me

I had made port and gotten into a friendly game of cards with some wolves. It wasn't a piratical game precisely, but I liked it quite a bit. This sea dog makes it a rule to avoid fortune tellers.
One, on account of I don't like bad news; and two, because no one can really know your future; except for the great sea captain in the sky. But it was already too late, this card game read my soul. Just as I thought the results were as pretty as a drowned man.

Well after seeing that, it was obvious what was to become of me. This pirate, way deep inside, has a supervillian buried.

In light of this I have a new role model Dr. Horrible.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Rope

It be what passes for rope here on the web. Although whenever I hear wiki, I can't help but think of raiding a villiage o' tiki huts. Them islanders are strange folk, as soon as we started lobbing marshmellows at them (we were out of canon balls) they all ran away.