Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Money on my mind.

I want a house!!!!! I'm living in a nice house, and I'm paying for it. But it's not mine. This is an important difference. So how do I get a house? (Perferably a fixer-up-er) Well acording to some mortage calculatos I've tried out, I could buy a house costing about 70k right now. Maybe a benevolent third party (Parents?) will help me with the 30-50K that I supposidly can't afford. I think that my income potential is good, it would just take an inordinant amount of time to pay a third party back; which is why they would have to be benevolent.

Hmm, I suppose I should start finding some real numbers. I will go to the bank tomorow and see if I can talk to a lender about what I can afford, and what I can't.

See typing the problems always makes a solution, and lifts me spirits. Arrgh Matey! Don't let you sails luff.

you fight like a milkmaid
you spell like a walrus
Both of you swim like my car.
How appropriate, you fight like a cow
I am rubber you are glue.
I'll skewer you like a sow at a buffet
What if glue hits rubber? For example what if I were to body slam you?
only one way to find out!
I would die
Would there be a bounce and a squish, or whould it be more of a splat?


Anonymous said...

Yes, I am keen on home ownership also. I guess I am not set on having one immediately, but it is something I would like to do in the next six to eight years. I have been renting now for, oh, going on twelve years and I am sure that the small fortune I have spent renting in that time would have been a *great* downpayment for a house. I probably could have just about paid for a house by now, come to think of it. But I moved out at 17 to do the college thing and, well, I have really enjoyed the independence and autonomy that has granted me. So don't regret the enormous sums I have paid for rent, but I do want to invest in something that will eventually be mine.

Anonymous said...

I really do hate the "hemorrhaging money to pay for rent" thing, even though it's my parents who are paying rent right now. It just seems futile; there are days when I want to beat myself for moving out.

On the other hand, I really like living with Inle, and like our apartment. I have feeling about it similar to ones that defaultlisa expressed.

Oh well. I'll think about buying a house in about ten years, once I'm done with post-doc and am looking for faculty positions or whatever.

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