Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I hate Diebold and ES&S voting machines.

Alvin Greene is a broke, unemployed guy who is facing a felony obscenity charge. He made no campaign appearances and raised no money, but he is the brand new Democratic Senate nominee from South Carolina.

How many senators in the senate were picked by these faulty, poorly designed, freedom destroying machines instead of by us? This case stinks only because it seems so unlikely to us, as outsiders, that this guy was really the choice of the good people of South Carolina. But how many times was a vote close, and with a few button pushes or keystrokes was the balance tipped? - We don't know.

VOTING MACHINES TODAY ARE EASY TO TAMPER WITH!!!! Until people like Bruce Schneider, or other well know security researchers, evaluate and give a thumbs up to a voting machine, or machines, I'm just going to have to hate all voting machines. Lets use paper ballots and count them by hand; then we can at least recount them if we think there was a mistake.

Although, honestly my hate is probably misdirected. Possibly, the guy just won because voters are lazy, and his name was first on the ballot.

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