Friday, August 13, 2010

New pets the: GDC's

Gretchen decided to get some chickens. They are generally quite nice, here is a picture of them perching in the grape vines:

Today however, they hopped there way onto the wine barrel, onto their makeshift perch, onto the top of the fence, over the makeshift steel cable that was supposed to help keep them inside, over the rock wall into our neighbors yard, through their fence, and into our neighbors-neighbors yard.

Our neighbors came round, baby carriage in tow, to kindly ask us to get our chicken out of their yard. They have a hunting (pointing) dog, a German short-hair, and they couldn't put it out into the yard without seriously endangering the life of the chicken.

To make a long story short, I tried to catch the chicken, and am now in nausiating pain due to a sprained / rolled ankle. I've never rolled my ankle before! - I'm so upset. I thought I had really strong ankles. - I had weakened it by partially rolling it earlier at work though; and it was apparently too much. I am very disappointed with my ankle...

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