Saturday, February 11, 2012

Adventure Games

Oh no.  People are giving Tim Schafer, and a bunch of adventure game creators, including Ron Gilbert; a huge pile of money!  This is IMHO a bad thing; let me explain:

The very first game I ever owned, that I didn't have to program myself was Wishbringer.  It was a beautiful game, it came with this little quartz rock (the wishbringer..) and a booklet printed on some kind of fancy paper.  I loved that game, I couldn't even figure out how to deliver the letter to the Magic Shop; I got absolutely nowhere!!  

When my dad got a PC, I got Rise of The Dragon.  I completely failed to complete that game.  I'm proud to say that I think I did figure out how to get the main character killed.  It's progress of a sort.

Then came, Day of the Tentacle.  I don't quite remember how I came to play this game.  I think my friends were all playing it and having a grand old time; so I gave a whack at it.  The third time was the charm; I learned an important lesson - I suck at adventure games; and therefore kind of hate them. 

So; now there is going to be this big blockbuster release of a modern adventure game; created by the masters of adventure game making.  My friends will all play it, and they will get reminisce over all the inside jokes while sharing tips and tricks on how to complete it.  While I, left out in the cold; stew in my hatred.   -   It's going to be Monkey Island all over again.  -  Ba! 

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