Thursday, December 05, 2013

The moving van is here!

As many of you dear readers may already know Gretchen and I are moving to the vicinity of Portland OR. We for the past three weeks have been working hard to secure new lodgings, pack, and move; but mostly to fix up all the little things on the house to help make it attractive to a buyer. It's been exhausting, and frankly the next three days might prove to be the hardest. The house is pretty much all fixed up, we are hoping to do a bit more painting, and now comes the heavy lifting (my favorite part). The rented moving van is in our diveway and all of our worldly possessions must go into it, or to the garbage dump!

I've already made one trip with Gretchens truck and a trailer; both full of many of our heaviest things. But there is still quite a bit left to go. Everything in the Garage, Shed, Kitchen, Living room, Store room, Under the stairs, Gretchen's Office, My computer room, and the master bedroom. Thursday and especially Friday are going to be days of intense packing.

Wish us luck!

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