Wednesday, May 22, 2019

xz man page

I either nominate xz for the worst man page ever or I gladly make a fool of my self for not understanding man pages.

There is no help on the man page for how to specify an input file with a separate output file name.

The man page goes on and on and on about different compression ratios and how to specify a custom compression profile.

But no mention of "-k" or "-c" or how to use them.

This is the sort of failure that our community needs to acknowledge.  This sort of error creates huge frustration for millions of people who mostly know what they are doing, and can completly stop new people from entering the community.

How do I fix this?  Can I submit a patch somehow to update the man page to make it more usefull?  -  {sigh}

EDIT: Ok, I was wrong.  "-k" and "-c" are mentioned.  I still find that reading this man page provides no understanding of how to use these options.  

This is how you compress a file and keep the origional:
xz -c original.file > compressed.file.xz
Hindsight is great eh?  Makes sense now.  -  But the point of a manual is to help the reader gain understanding.  man pages almost always fail at this.  They are good references to things which are already known, but terrible tools to learn from.

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